The Problem with Symbols


symbols_edited-2It’s a good thing that Google doesn’t judge (I hope Google doesn’t judge), because I can’t imagine what a sentient search engine would think of me after the search terms I used to find my source images. It paints a very particular, but not accurate, picture.

Sometimes we have to touch on uncomfortable subjects, because uncomfortable things are happening.

A lot of people have objections to certain parts of the Pledge of Allegiance, primarily the “under God” part (and the fact that we don’t all enjoy equal access to liberty and justice), but I’ve long been troubled by the idea that we indoctrinate school children to pledge allegiance to a flag. Beyond the problem that the vast majority of elementary kids have zero idea what they’re actually saying, and are in any event too young to understand the implications of pledging themselves knowingly to any system, the concept of promising to…

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Substance Abuse in Behavioral Health Professionals

Abstract Illicit drug and alcohol abuse by behavioral health professionals has been overlooked in psychological research. This researcher begins the analysis of substance abuse by behavioral health professionals by determining whether there is a significant difference in reported substance abuse between four categories of behavioral health professionals. The professional categories reviewed are social workers, licensed … Continue reading Substance Abuse in Behavioral Health Professionals

Toward a Theory of Gender

Evolution has shaped our species’ cognitive developmental stages, and therefore the process by which we develop personalities and our core gender identity development. The assumptions I’m making here are that human personality development is a product of our cognitive development, and that our core gender identity is an aspect of human personality. The remaining question  … Continue reading Toward a Theory of Gender