Psychology of Terrorism, part 2

See! I really am  getting my homework done!Thought I'd share this excerpt. Sort of a quick 'part 2' of my earlier post on the psychology of terrorism. This goes into the "are they psychotic/sociopaths?" argument. It's a pretty casual piece, not too academic-y (that's a word, because I said so), and it interests me. Enjoy![The … Continue reading Psychology of Terrorism, part 2


t is for terrorism… with or without religion

I'm taking a class on the psychology of terrorism this semester. We've started by discussing the psychology of the terrorists; later we'll discuss the victims. It has been... enlightening. It's very much a practical application of things I've already learned about psychology, applied a way I hadn't anticipated, but I understand.Now, my poor reader, I'm … Continue reading t is for terrorism… with or without religion